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Here at Petsfluence we really believe in the power of influencers! But above all... PETSfluencers! 

Yes, you see that right! 

We are a platform for pets who are active on social media, they are called petfluencers; we build bridges between brands and agencies looking for remarkable pets for their campaign. In connecting Brands with Petsfluencers, we spread Brand awareness to promote a particular product or service.

Our Petsfluencers come in all shapes and sizes, from 1k up to even 1,5 Million of followers and a engagement rate from 1% up to a stunning 71% overall engagement rate! 

Each Petsfluencer’s account is professionally audited before they even join a campaign. 

We track down every possible metric you can think of. Starting at the beginning of their account, we rule out fake engagement including fake followers and likes, so we can really bring the BEST Petsfluencers to your brand campaigns. 

Our Petsfluencers work for paid shoutouts, free products, reviews and big discounted products. 

So, if you are searching for not only the best Petsfluencers but also only REAL and HONEST engagement then you are in the right place!

More? YES please!

We do not only work out social media marketing in petsfluencer content marketing but work in on/off screen productions where we deliver a remarkeble pet for every on or off screen productions. 

From a pet for your production set in tv work, a pet on your new bag of food or just on your advertising flyers up to pets in any interior design. 

Whatever your project might be we deliver pawsome pets in any advertising needs in any way possible. Always with a decent casting and checked by a registered vet and pet behavior specialist who even can come to the set on request!

Content creation, content writing, branding, taking over your full social media channels (or partial), if it's about pets, we are your right partner to have!


Whatever social media platform you need Petsfluencers for, our team is positive we can match you up with only the BEST ones to help make your campaign a huge success!textgram-1590500936  



How do you know that your petsfluencer is real and how do you rule out fake engagement, followers or likes or missgiven info from petsfluencers?

Well what about letting us help you with that. We have a program to track every possible metric down. From fake engagement up to audience reports and more. For brands who work with us this is included already. 
But you can also ask our help if your not.
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We own our own social media pages where we share YOUR pet to the world! Find out more by clicking on the picture below!

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Our Petsfluencers are part of the family and as such are given exclusive offers in our webshop only for them! Huge discounts on products or services are added regularly so keep an eye out for them! These deals do not require our Petsfluencers to provide anything extra in return, but many do!

Do you as a Brand have something to offer without wanting to get anything in return? Well, maybe we can offer it here too. Contact us now!

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