Stories swipe up links will be gone on instagram!

Stories swipe up links will be gone on instagram!

For years, everyone referred to links on Instagram Stories as “swipe up links.”  

But, that will be gone on the 30th of august!
Luckily not completely! 
Soon, links on stories will look just a little different. And with that the new Instagram Stories link sticker is coming to town!

And we as petsfluence saw it already and really like this new feature! 


How to Add Links to Instagram Stories With the New Link Sticker (10K+ Followers) 

If you have over 10K followers and a Business or Creator account on Instagram, you can add links to any destination straight from your Instagram Stories.
This helps people to go straight to a destination you choose when they click on this sticker.  

From August 30, this will be in the form of Instagram’s new clickable link sticker. 

The new link sticker is much more visible, and can be added anywhere on a story. It also shows viewers the first part of the destination link (i.e. the domain), giving more transparency.  
What makes that U as user do not have to 'swipe Up' to a link you are not sure of if you can trust it!
So the users (followers) safety a lot better as it was before. 

How to Add Links to an Instagram Story with 10K+ Followers: 

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Swipe left to create a story
  3. Search in your Instagram Stories sticker tray for the link sticker 
  4. Click URL, add a link, and select Done  
  5. Share your story

Do you not have that option yet? Well instagram only allows you to use this sticker once you reach 10.000 followers. Only available for creator or business accounts. 


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