How to do a brand campaign with petsfluence? Step by step guide for petsfluencers and brands.

How does Petsfluence work?

So, you found Petsfluence and would like to sign up. That's great!! Here we go step by step through how a campaign works. Are you a Brand? Then skip the Petsfluencers steps!




Read the terms and conditions! 

It is very important to us at Petsfluence to set some ground rules for our Petsfluencers in campaigns. Brands invest a significant amount of time and money on their Petsfluencers. It doesn't just stop with the price of the product. They also pay for shipping costs and in a lot of instances border fees, all so you don't have to!  

This means it is very important to know the Petsfluence rules we apply to every campaign. 
By signing up you automatically agree to our Terms And Conditions as well with our Privacy Statement

Have you read it? Would you like to proceed in signing up? Great!!! Once you are finished reading the next steps, proceed to Influencer Sign In.


Congratulations! You are now almost signed up. 

You will receive an email with a confirmation code. Please, make sure to verify your email and fill out the requested information as completely as possible. This helps us when a Brand needs your info to send your products to you!  

Make sure to click yes to receive our newsletter. If you do not subscribe, brand deals will NOT be emailed to you. So be sure to opt in for our newsletter for the latest Brand deals. You can choose not to but will only see long term open deals. 


You are now signed up in our database.

Look at the Open Brand Deals. Here we display some of our long term open Brand deals that you can easily sign up for. If you're selected, a team member from Petsfluence will reach out via email with further details.

Brands are constantly reaching out to us with new campaigns and as part of our family you'll be the first considered! If you are selected for any of our Brand Deals a team member will reach out via email. 
So keep an eye out for your next email and don't worry we always have new deals on the horizon.


So you received an email from our team and have shown interest in a Brand campaign. PAWSOME!! 

Petsfluence now is busy doing an account audit, sending your name and metrics and other details to the Brand. The Brand will then decide if they think you are fit for their campaign. 

Petsfluence acts as an advisor to the Brand, helping them choose the right Petsfluencers based on account audits and metrics.


You are selected! Yeah!! 

Petsfluence will now send you a Brand campaign email containing all the details of your contract and how to successfully end your campaign. 

In case of a free product you sit back and wait until your product is delivered, when delivered follow the instructions provided. 

Once your product reaches you, you can start your campaign. First, reread the campaign details provided in your Brand campaign email. If you cannot locate them please contact us ASAP.

Did you not get mail back from us? 

That means the Brand has decided to go in a different direction. Don't worry! This doesn't mean they won't be interested to work with you at a later date. 

Keep an eye on your mailbox! Brands often work with small groups of Petsfluencers at a time and as they extend their campaigns with us or start new ones they may add additional members. You could be one of those members! 

You finished your tasks. Awesome!
Now all you need to do is send us your insights. 
All info regarding this is provided in the email containing your campaign details. 

For paid collabs this is the moment to get paid! After you send us your insights Petsfluence will pay you out within 10 business days. 

You have now successfully completed your first campaign! Congratulations! You're a REAL Petsfluencer now! 

Petsfluence will give your campaign a score in our in-house system. You won't see this score; but, it helps Petsfluence to advise a Brand next time they work with you. 

So, if your campaign was a success your score will be high, making it easier for us to promote you for future campaigns! 


Keep an eye out for new Brand collaborations on our website or in your mailbox.




Are you searching for Petsfluencers or other Brands, but you have no idea where to begin or what to do? Maybe, you just don't have the time to set up the campaigns and do the follow up yourself. Or maybe you have an offer/deal for another Brand? If so, you’ve found your partner in Petsfluence. 


Using the menu bar, navigate to the Brand Sign Up page. Once there, fill in the given form. Here, you are able to explain your needs or any questions you might have. We try to answer all inquiries within 48 hours on business days but can be delayed due to workload.


You've successfully submitted the sign up form. A Petsfluence agent is now in direct contact with you to answer all your questions and discuss details about your campaign. Once reaching a deal, we start generating campaign mail and begin searching for the Petsfluencers you need. Our influencers are given a 48 hours or more to respond depending on the urgency of your campaign. 


Our Petsfluencers who are interested in working with you have reached out. At this point we will send you all the necessary info about interested Petsfluencers allowing you time to decide what influencers you are the most interested in. Don't worry, you are not alone in this process. We will pre-select Petsfluencers based on our audit results and only provide the best ones for your campaign. All you have to do is decide who you’d like to work with. 


This is our time to shine! We'll begin sending out Brand campaign emails, taking over, and following up on each detail of every separate campaign. Our Petsfluencers will be posting your product or service on their social media. They'll send us their insights, or proof of tasks being done. These are available upon request. Transparency is key, we want you to feel confident working with us.


Your campaign is finished. We can now analyze all the insights to gauge how successful your campaign was. Here we can discuss how to further assist your Brand or discuss a new campaign right away. 

Petsfluence strives to make a success of every campaign. The success of a campaign depends on many factors and our Petsfluencers are just a part of it. The quality of your product or service, pricing, and overall interest of the main public has influence on the success of your campaign too. If we suggest to lower your pricing, change anything up on your branding or make any changes in general we really hope you trust our expertise in this and are able to work together on a common goal. 

Not only are direct sales important, oftentimes many people are following you, saving your posts or bookmarking your Brand to buy later. People like to think about it or want to look to your direct competition to see if they offer a better deal. They often come back later to sign in on your service or buy your product. Your branding and pricing has the biggest influence of this all. 

Here at Petsfluence, we just give you the platform to get your Brand in front of the right audience. You as a Brand have the best tools to get that audience really interested. We will not be scared to say our honest opinion because we want to see you flourish. Your success is our success and our goal is that we can grow together.