Petsfluence Believes In Your Brand

We at Petsfluence® believe in the power of brands that arise from passion and are only too happy to support such passion projects with our petsfluencers database and expertise in working with pet niche brands.
We have a very devoted team that can help you in several ways.
Outside the petsfluencers marketing in social media campaigns, we help brands with different media so they can clearly communicate their vision to the outside world allowing potential customers to immediately understand why you are the best.



At Petsfluence® we are masters in storytelling through visual content. We can create YOUR content in a lot of ways. This can go from simple pictures, product pictures up to flyers, story telling videos or even an advert video. We do have what it takes to let your brand stand out. We do not only make the content. We also are able to take your social media channels to our account and take care of the actual posting and even more. We will help you in bringing your brand story to the right public and will engage with them. We have a big team of well expierenced people who are well trained in moderating your social media and are specialized in pet niche communities on social media.



By applying the above right kind of content that not only informs the visitors, but also inspires them. You have taken one of the most important steps in building a strong lifelong connection between your brand and the customer. Still, you won't notice much of that if your content doesn't reach the right audience. We advise and help you apply the right marketing strategy to your content, so you can be confident that you are reaching the right people.



Our platform is known for influencer marketing. We are sure you have heard of petfluencers; but, did you know there are millions of petfluencers? Even better, statistics show that pet niche accounts, in general, have better engagement rates than any other niche. 

With the right content, message, and platform all you need is to build a bridge between your brand and future loyal customers. We offer this last part too, bringing the whole picture into view. 

Reach the right people with our Petsfluencers marketing tool. Utilizing our network of Petfluencers, we actually go out there bringing your brand to people's attention and showing them how good your products and/or services are. Our team of Petfluencers are all professionally audited and ready to work on your next campaign.

Not only do we match you up with the right Petfluencers and leave it at that, we want to make sure your campaign is a success by taking over your social media campaign tasks, allowing you to sit back and watch the results come in.

This time consuming process is carried out with the highest eye for detail and close monitor of every single person in a campaign. We are very closely connected to every brand and petsfluencer in a campaign and truly value the very personal involvement with a REAL HUMAN interaction. Although we use a lot of automated programs to carry out our work or measure metrics we strongly think a very personal touch in campaigns is a real help and being very reachable through our social media channels or email to even phone or videocalls is very important to make sure your campaign has all the chances at success. This way we can follow up or steer things better as a full automated platform.

So not only you as a brand gets this very personal touch but this includes our petsfluencers too. So not only you as a brand but also the petsfluencers have a REAL partner in carrying out your brand product or service marketing campaigns by feeling close support or be able to call us in for helping them to put your brand out there in the BEST possible way

SURVEYS: Additionally we offer surveys too. Do you want to get more insights for your brand by asking questions and getting answers to make your brand even better? Then we can build a custom survey specially for your brand and our petsfluencers will complete this survey in their campaign tasks. 

Full scale audit reports


Real or fake?

We do full account audits to track every metric down of any account possible that wants to join one of the brand deals we offer. In doing this we can offer brands the best petsfluencers possible and rule out any fake engagement from accounts even from the very start of their account. We check not only on fake engagement but can see demographics, growth, interests of their followers and so much more. We can even see if engagement groups (so called pods) or telegram groups are used. Yes of course, petsfluencers have media kits these days too but are you sure what you get to see is real? You want to be sure that who you put in a campaign is the real deal right? Well luckily for our brands this is included in every deal we carry out for them and they don't have to worry at all about this.  

But we do understand some brands do not have the need for petsfluencer marketing carried out by others. But they need to know if the petsfluencers they want to work with are real. We do offer these brands full scaled account audits too when needed. Mostly for bigger accounts in the more expensive campaigns because just as every brand knows, these programs are a big investment so therefore not low in pricing. But hey, you don't have to invest big in these programs! We did already! So instead of paying to have such a program, subscribe for a yearly or monthly audit program you can just ask our help. You can even get insights starting from just 1 petsfluencer. We do give you more as metrics alone. You will get our advice and our opinion in actually moving on with a petsfluencer you had in mind. Especially on campaigns on the long run with the same petsfluencers this is a great way to first know if the one you think would do good is real and honest.   
If you are in need of any profesional account audit always shared on pdf. document, then contact us with your questions and we will provide you the answers. 


ON/OFF Screen advertising Productions

From a pet for your production set in tv work, advertising video, a pet on your new bag of food or just on your advertising flyers up to pets in any interior design. Whatever your project might be we deliver pawsome pets in any advertising needs in any way possible. Always with a decent casting and checked by a registered vet and pet behavior specialist who even can come to the set on request! Even someone of our own team can come to the set on request too. There are endless ways to implent a pet to your brand. We also have options to let our very own pet photographer work things out for you! Whatever your advertising needs are... we can help you with it! So ready to petsfluence with us?

Are you interested in any of our solutions we offer?Then get in touch with us right now! We get back at you within 48 hours on weekdays.

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